Brooks joggers lowest prices


Please note you can purchase any jogger that we do not currently stock that is available on the Brooks website.

Other joggers include:

Neutral:  Defyance, Dyad

Support:  Vapor

Control:  Beast, Ariel, Addiction

Trail:  Cascadia, Adrenaline ASR/GTX, Traildemon, Ghost GTX

X-Training: Maximus XT7 mesh/leather, Liberty, Freedom

Netball:  Net-intercept mesh/leather, Net-Pivot

Walking:  Synergy, Addiction walker, Dyad

Comppetition:  Racer ST5, T7 Racer

Kids:  Adrenaline GTS, Pureflow, Ghost, Miami ST, X-trainer maximus, Freedom, net-intercept, Belevue, TT, TT V-strap

GST inclusive